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A decade of dedicated and intensive work is behind us, with a new phase of development ahead.

Over the past years, we have made significant progress and expanded the range of areas in which we provide services. We have achieved new levels of business, engaged in exciting international collaborations and played an important role in reaffirming the importance of architecture for a substantial progress of the social and cultural realm.

Everything we have accomplished and strive for in the future is rooted in the belief that technological evolution, innovation and sustainability are interconnected. They all have the same purpose – creativity in service of people, communities, and nature.


Vision & mission

Our vision is to use the power of design  to create positive changes which will shape a more resilient future. 


Our mission is to achieve our clients’ goals through an integrated approach that puts sustainability, architecture, and economy in balance.

Principles & values

Good relationships define good business

We believe that everything starts and ends with  our client relationship. We consider our clients and  colleagues to be our friends and partners and our collaboratons are based on respect, support, empathy and trust in good intentions.

We believe in in the skill of our people to create a better tomorrow

We develop and empower talents, encouraging them to follow their passion and make a difference. We bring  different teams together because the diversity of thought is the path to innovation. Each member of our team shares responsibility for achieving common goals.

The future starts today

The very core of our business lies in the process of early decision-making and anticipating solutions before challenges arise. Our projects stand out because they represent an investment into a better life. Above all, our final goal is to create a sense of belonging for future users.

Our decisions are data-driven

Without relevant data, we are at risk of making wrong assumptions and end up swayed by biased opinions. We track the efficiency of our projects using measurable data witch helps us make the right decisions.

We believe in the continuous improvement principles

We believe that  our service  must  be able to adapt to changes and that is why we never stop learning. By constantly pushing the boundaries with each project, we create changes which will make the world a better place for everyone.


Membership & licenses


Zabriskie is the initiator of the idea and one of the founders of the Association of Serbian Architectural Practices - the first business association of architectural firms in Serbia.


Via membership in the Green Building Council of Serbia, we strive to contribute to the transformation of the construction industry and market in the direction of sustainability and green building practices.


Milka Gnjato, our partner and creative director, is a member of the board of directors of the Association of Belgrade Architects.


We develop our skills through the exchange of knowledge and experiences with managers and entrepreneurs, who are part of the Serbian Association of Managers.


Our architects and directors hold various licenses from the Engineering Chamber of Serbia.


Zabrskie holds the Grand License of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure for designing facilities and structures within national parks and ‘natural goods’ areas of exceptional importance.


We developed our business in the Time management with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).


We also have a Licence for creating energy performance certificates for various facilities – known as Energy Passports.

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  • Mies Van Der Rohe award 2022: Nomination for the European Union Award for Contemporary Architecture
  • Annual award of the Union of Architects of Serbia: The most successful architectural work implemented in Serbia in 2020, Mia Dorćol project
  • Architectural competition for the new building of the Ensemble of Folk Dances and Songs of Serbia "Kolo"; Kosančićev venac, Belgrade, 2019, first prize
  • Nomination for #PiranesiAward 2023 - selection of the best 5 projects from Serbia - InGrid Schneider Electric Hub
  • Nomination for "Building of the year 2022" - Archdaily portal award
  • CIJ Award SEE / Serbia 2019 - Best Architectural Firm of the year. By choice of professionals from the real estate sector
  • Architectural competition for the expansion of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, 2022, second equivalent award
  • Balkan Architectural Biennale 2023 - Recognition in the Best Theme answer - transformation of an old industrial building in the Novkabel complex.
  • International competition for the building of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade (Karađorđeva Street) organized by UNDP, 2022, third prize
  • Invitational competition for conceptual solution - master plan for residential and retail space of Block 64 in Novi Beograd; special award
  • "Bringing light to life", "Special award - Serbia" for residential and business complex "Merin hill" - 2020
  • BigSEE architecture award winner - Public and commercial architecture – regional award for architects and facilities implemented in 19 countries of Southeast Europe in 2020




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