Neighbourhood design

The neighborhood is a sustainable and
multifunctional entity worth living in.

Creating communities is one of the main determinants of Zabriskie’s approach.


Thanks to years of experience and diverse expertise, our solutions always involve the interaction of three key factors: art, technology and economy. Our approach to neighborhood design responds to specific functional requirements, available budget, social context and ecological approach to solving all challenges. From the concept phase to execution, we focus on seeking elegant solutions that are functionally intelligent, economically and environmentally sustainable, client-friendly and responsive to community needs.

Using the latest technologies and a multidisciplinary approach, we pay special attention to the sunlight exposure of apartments, the ventilation of the complex, acoustic comfort, the ecological concept of the neighborhood and spatial amenities. Our projects cover every aspect of life and work in order to create innovative and sustainable communities full of life.

Planning priorities are: accessibility, using appropriate materials, flexibility and networking of public areas and routes that are particularly important for the sustainability of the complex Whether it’s a small neighborhood project or a part of the city, these aspects are important at any scale.


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