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11 / 08 / 2023

The Association of Serbian Architectural Practices – ASAP together with its partners, organized a traditional June cocktail party for representatives of the public administration, non-governmental sector, media, friends and associates in the villa of the partner company Gi Group from Belgrade on June 21st.


The Association of Serbian Architectural Practices has 53 companies, gathered around the same idea – raising awareness about architecture in society, professionalism in architectural practice and creating a new policy for the architectural profession. Like IT experts and gamers, these companies are aware of the fact that only together can they be great individually, and that this is the only way they can present Serbian architecture and all the best of it to the world. The main goal of this association is for people from architecture to connect better, share common experiences, improve cooperation and thus the entire profession.


The President of the Management Board of the Association and Partner in Zabriskie, Vladimir Đorić, as well as the executive manager of ASAP, Igor Marsenić, addressed those present. On this occasion, Vladimir Đorić emphasized that the ultimate goal of the Association is for Serbian architecture and design to become a creative product of our country and to be globally recognized. He also conveyed the undivided opinion of the entire community gathered around ASAP that we want to be responsible towards the society in which we create and live, and that for this reason the association took an active part in all legislative and regulatory processes that define the position of the architectural profession and entrepreneurship.

Igor Marsenić briefly spoke about the results that the Association achieved in the previous year, especially emphasizing the importance of dialogue within the profession and the entire society, as a prerequisite for creating a new policy for the architectural profession.


ASAP is the first business association of architectural firms in Serbia, and Zabriskie is the initiator of the meeting and one of the founders of the Association.

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