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04 / 01 / 2021

“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.” Frank Gehry

Architecture is always a story of the projection of one particular historical moment and its space into the future into the potential of what is to come, and what we want to happen. So, its ultimate reach is not only determined by the quality of construction, but by the wider and lasting effects it has on the environment, urban, social, economic and cultural development. That is why architecture is always a story about people, about their places, spaces and potentials.

This is the principle of the integrated development or architectural solutions, and key determinant of the Zabriskie approach ever since the beginning, in 2015. The decision to build the integrity of our architectural practice through the ultimate combination of utilitarianism and aesthetics, influenced us to consciously develop two pillars of our specific approach from the very beginning:

1. Project consulting: support to the clients in selection of the locations, market planning and realization of formal procedures and regulations, with the aim to improve the very planning, and the final outcome of the project. The knowledge of the different aspects of the market, necessary for project consulting as the first step in management of the investment, remained one of our main characteristics to this day.

2. Project making: synthesis of various knowledge from the fields of construction and architecture, but also from the wider societal context of contemporary architecture and public space, influenced our constant growth and improvement of project making in all phases and aspects – from originality, aesthetics and rationality of conceptual design, over the projects for building permits, to their complete development through high-quality construction works.

Learning from the challenges of managing large projects over the years, and following high standards of quality, we established the specific organizational structure of the company, which is in line with our approach to work, in which project managers take over the important role in the planning and adapting the process to each individual project and needs. Thus, we ensured to always approach each project and client with due care, relying on reliable methodology in all phases of work.

On the other hand, clear process and analytics are always in the service for opening new space for creative explorations and free expression of each Zabriskie architect. Experiments in the field of ideas, architecture based on the dialogue and responsible consideration of the effects of the space that we create and leave to the future generations, represent our path and contribution to the creation of better, more comfortable and more beautiful surrounding in which we live and work together.

Responsibility, innovation and partnership are the values based on which Zabriskie today gathers the team of 20 architects specialized in architecture, design, engineering, urbanism and consulting. These values have, we believe, influenced the implementation of very successful cooperation, as well as the awards that our recent projects achieved from domestic and international professional field.


2019. First award in architectural competition for new building of Kolo ensamble of folk dance and songs, Kosančićev venac, Belgrade.

Contemporary cultural building, conceived to support, highlight and develop the existing functional and aesthetic qualities of the ambience of Kosančićev venac.


2019. CIJ Award SEE / Serbia 2019 – Best Architectural Firm of the year, the choice of professionals from the real estate sector.

Residential and business building „Merin Hill“, P=29.000m2,
Investor: Merin holdings d.o.o.
Year of architectural design: 2018/2019
Status: under construction

The development of this project is an example of exceptional cooperation between two engineering teams – the investment team and the Zabriskie studio team. The challenges of the location – such as the terrain falling diagonally and the necessity of the attic determined by urbanism, have been turned into recognizable attributes and the main commercial advantages of the building.



2020. Award “Bring light to life – Special award – Serbia”, VELUX architectural competition for the Eastern European region.

Business building in Belgrade, made of recycled bricks “Mia Dorćol”. P=2.900m2;
Investor: Granit invest d.o.o.
Year of architectural design: 2018
Status: built

The building received three significant recognitions in 2020:
– The nomination for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe;
– The annual award “Aleksej Brkić” of the Association of Architects of Serbia for the most successful architectural work realized in Serbia in 2019;
– BigSEE architecture award – public and commercial architecture – Regional award for architects and buildings realized in 19 countries of Southeast Europe.

04_zabriskie_studio_5_god-1 05_zabriskie_studio_5_god

2020. Special award at the open competition for conceptual design – master plan for residential and retail space of Block 64 in New Belgrade.

Residential and business complex “Kennedy residence” P=37.000m2;
Investor: La maison d.o.o.
Architectural design: 2019/2020
Status: under construction

The complex within which some of the most exclusive apartments on the market of New Belgrade were designed.


Business building “Belgrade business center”, Vukov spomenik, Belgrade. P=10.000m2;
Investor: Granit invest d.o.o.
Status: architectural design in progress, planned start of construction in 2021

Project for one of the most ambitious business facilities in the country.


Residential and business complex, municipality Palilula, Belgrade. P=100.000m2
Status: architectural design in progress

One of the largest residential and business complexes in old Belgrade, which we are developing for a renowned foreign developer.


5 exciting years are behind us, and in front of us is a world of new challenges, and new opportunities to shape our answers according to people, communities and nature. To meet the new achievements, we started the introduction of BIM technology and business processes; launched an initiative to develop the first Serbian architectural cluster with colleagues from related bureaus; started a plan for the realization of a conference that will develop a mutually important and necessary dialogue between investors and architects; and we have established a partnership to develop a new design firm to plan and design interiors primarily for the business sector.

They say that small steps forward are taking you to the future. In that name, and with gratitude to the clients who have placed their trust in us and to all those who have contributed to the projection of our future being exactly what Zabriskie has become today, happy New Year and happy future!


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