Seaside PromenadeBudva



Client: Municipality of Budva Montenegro
Location: Budva Riviera
Design: 2023
Status: International competition
Author: Zabriskie
Zabriskie team:  Fedor Jurić m.i.a., Maja Savić m.i.a. Sofija Alorić i.a. Vedrana Kapor i.a. Uroš Dragović i.a. Bojana Despotović i.a.
Consultants:  Milka Gnjato d.i.a., Lela Alempijević d.i.a., Miloš Stanković m.i.a.

Zabriskie associates
3D renders: Slavko Knežević m.i.a. Staša Simenović m.i.a.
Animations:  Ognjen Graovac m.i.a. – Algorithmic Architecture

Budva, stories to tell.

The solution is guided by the “Build on top” principle, recognizing existing qualities, and forming new grounds (accelerator) for development, as well as complementary content.

4 existing primary qualities of focus for the project:

  • Nature – The surrounding forest landscape and the beach (contact with the sea)
  • History – the clear identity of the city (Old Town and St. Nicholas Island)
  • Performance – Theater, music festivals and nightlife
  • Strategic position – the only urban center in the region with 10k+ permanent residents
Budva 3
Budva 4

The distribution of content is such that there is unique engaging content at each end of the promenade, thus encouraging visitors to walk along its entire span. At one end is the Old Town with the renovated V.K. Budva, selfie points, and new zoning of cafes/restaurants, while at the other end is a cluster of nightclubs (with noise protective elements), an art district with a sculpture park and a public garage.

The main walk is a 12m wide promenade with a roundabout around nightclubs, and a linear park that stretches along its entire length, so a walk along the coast is always delightful, with a clear destination, as well as lots of different engaging activities and unique sights.

Also, the shores of Budva have been enhanced with an additional 10 500m2 beach area, a minimum of 40m wide, with the aim of being the first urban seashore in the region (making it an “independent” destination for itself). 76% of the existing greenery is preserved, 661 new trees are going to be planted (3 trees for every one cut down), and green areas cover over 39 200m2.

The most significant urban element of the solution is the city’s new event square with a 1400 seats strong open amphitheater. The idea is to enable large-scale events, concerts and shows to take place in Budva, as the city has the potential to make its mark on the Adriatic Sea roadmap as a destination for world-class performances and exhibitions (maybe even the Mediterranean sea).

The gesture of the amphitheater, alongside all the rest of the project, aligns with the city’s desire to become the European capital of culture the 2028 year.


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