Office InteriorDrina Plastika



Client Drina plastika
Location: Nova Pazova
Program: Office building interior
Gross area: 1.400m2
Floors: Gf+2
Design: 2021-2022
Construction: 2022-2023
Status: Completed
Author interior: Zabriskie
Zabriskie services: PReconcept, Conceptual, schematic and detailed interior design. Design supervision.
Zabriskie team: Ksenija Bajagić, Mila Đorđević, Staša Simenović, Mirjana Lazić, Mirjana Savić

Architecture: AVL / LARK
Author & Lead Architect: Vladislav T. Lalicki, dia
Coauthor, designer: Milena Stojković, mia
Light: Intra Lighting doo
Walls: Mont Glass
Floors: Tarkett doo
Ceramics: Medini doo

Dynamic Interior of an Expanding Brand

The interior of this office and commercial building is located amidst the industrial complex, inside the administrative building of the Drina plastika Company in Nova Pazova. The client’s pronounced focus on design, new trends and modern manufacturing technology as well as continuous development of the Drina brand inspired the design of a business-office space and, more importantly, a production range showroom.

Office space is a reflection of a modern working environment, with emphasis on productivity, creativity and teamwork, offering outstandingly functional working conditions for achieving all that. The showroom communicates in two ways – the shopping area revolves around the clear display of items and the arrangement of products according to their intended use, whereas the lounge area communicates the story of the brand and the values it stands for.

Special attention was paid to the way the items are displayed in the shopping area. The maximum effect is achieved by dividing the products according to their visual hierarchy in relation to the buyer and according to their functional hierarchy, considering the intended use of the product, with meticulous use of light.

Drina plastika 1
Drina plastika 6


Working zones and offices are almost irrationally spacious and well-lit, providing ideal conditions for focusing and work. The extra quality lies in additional facilities (such as canteen, playing area, fun area) which, with their cheerful atmosphere, inspire the employees to interact with each other.


Bright and pastel colours in accents bring life and softness into this essentially industrial structure. Concrete, steel elements, industrial grids, apparent wiring and utility lines are an excellent setting providing a good contrast to numerous elements of interior design, ranging from the equipment and furniture to urban graphic arts and murals.


Showroom volume is traversed by a flight of stairs and a steel bridge, and in terms of technology and visuals, it leaves a particularly strong impression. As such, it mirrors the philosophy, vision and power of the Drina Company.

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