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Client: Merin Group
Location: Novi Beograd, Džona Kenedija / Palmira Toljatija
Program: Residential, office & retail building complex
Facts: 38.000m2, 170 flats, 15 retail units, 10 floor office building (shell&core)
Floors: 3Ug+Gf+9+Setback floor
Design: 2018-2020
Construction: 2020-2022
Status: Completed
Author: Zabriskie
Zabriskie services: Preconcept, Conceptual design, Urban design, Building permit design, Design for execution of works. Value engineering.
Zabriskie team: Milka Gnjato (partner, creative director), Ivica Marković (Project director), Bojana Kovačević (Lead Architect) Ivan Zuliani, Milica Palamarević (PM), Jelena Radojević, Ana Mićić, Dušica Plazinčić, Jelena Živančević, Valentina Obradović.

Zabriskie associates:
Urban project: Ibm Consult doo – Ivana Stanojević dia
Structural engineering: Beging doo – Spasoje Derajić dig, Maja Stjepanović dig.
Bill of quantities: Slobodan Vuinac dig
Road construction: Danijela Mišković dig
Plumbing & Drainage: DMAMG Solutions – Dragana Mijailović Medenica dig, Anja Grozdanić dig.
Electrical, telecommunication, fire detection: Stroming Company doo – Dejan Milojević die
Facade lighting design: Sanja Marjanović, d.i.e.
Building management system: BASIS doo – Slaviša Pantelić die
HVAC, garage smoke exhaust: Holon doo – Darko Todorović dim, Violeta Ćuraković dim, Uroš Pejanović dim.
Fire safety + Sprinkler installation: Prokoning-MGE doo – Marko Nikolić dim
Elevators: SD Project-ing – Dragan Stojanović, dim.
Traffics: Milan Prica, dis
Landscape Softscape: Maja Đorđević, dipa.
Irrigation system: URBINO – Sanja Krstić, dipa.
Foundation pit protection: GeoEXPERT doo – Dr Petar Santrač dig
Building physics & energy eficienti- Dragan Jovičić
3D visualization: Strava studio

Client engineering team – Merin Group – Merin Group: Sanja Ćirić dia, Miloš Stojančević dig, Jovana Milovanović dia, Nemanja Rakijaš dim, Miroslav Dmitrović die, Katarina Erić dia, Branka Janković dia, Nikola Necić dia.
General contractor: Situs inženjering – Predrag Karlaš dig
Preparatory works and structure of the building: Elita Cop doo
Facade -aluminum: Prior project doo
Contact facade: Rofix doo
Photo: Relja Ivanić

Fitting into the context of New Belgrade

Located in New Belgrade, the project bears the name of the street it faces. Kennedy residence is a unique entity consisting of two wings of stylized rectangular geometry – the residential and the office one. Residential wing features playful geometry of the balconies, while the office block, connecting with the theme of the residential one, forms a front towards Džona Kenedija street.

Kennedy Residence 2
Kennedy Residence 3

Despite the highly demanding criteria from the planning documents, we have managed to achieve maximum capacity while respecting the context, and to contribute to the immediate surroundings in terms of ambience and utility. We did all that not just by correctly interpreting planning documents, but also by methodically choosing the position and the size of the structure – the result of dozens of performed analyses.
By mutually combining modern design façade with the opening of the living space towards the continuous balconies with semi-transparent, perforated sheets, we achieved a unique living space atmosphere, offering both the sense of openness to the outside world and the surrounding greenery, as well as the sense of privacy of the living space.


By retracting the middle section of the structure further away from the regulation line, an extension of the public area was created – carefully designed with newly planted lane of trees, equipped with benches and planters with greenery.


When it comes to “Kennedy residence” project, the qualitative improvement can be seen, amongst other things, in the way the façade has been carried out, achieving authenticity, modernity, style and longevity that stands out at the price of 110Eur/m2.


Our aspiration to make flats more comfortable by giving them a modern interpretation of the New Belgrade’s immersed in greenery concept, has proven to be particularly challenging. Balconies are designed to run across the whole length of the flat, serving as a visual extension of both living rooms and bedrooms.


One of our achievements regarding the rationality of this project is certainly the attained ratio between the gross area and the total net usable (selling) area of 73% in favour of the net selling area.

Presentation of the object on portal

Presentation of the object on portal Superprostor.

Kennedy Residence 3
Kennedy Residence 6
Kennedy Residence 8