Office BuildingMia Dorćol



Client: Granit Invest doo, Beograd
Location: ul. Braće Bruh / Mike Alasa, Beograd
Program:Office building
Gross floor area: 2.900m2
Status: Completed
Author: Zabriskie
Zabriskie team: Milka Gnjato (Partner), Ana Mićić arh.teh.

Zabriskie associates:
Structural engineering / Foundation pit protection: HCM doo – Miloš Kirn
Plumbing & Drainage: Zoran gašić, dig.
Electrical, telecommunication, fire detection: Stroming doo – Dejan Milojević, die
HVAC: Nebojša Perić, dim.
Elevators: SD Project-ing – Dragan Stojanović, dim.
Elaborat energetske efikasnosti – Marko Teodoračević
Fire safety: Primar CO doo – Zoran Vujović, die

Client engineering team: Milica Dumeljić, Zorica Koprivica, Sara Panđaitan
General contractor: L.u.k.a.d. gradnja doo
Contractor – finish works: Finish pro doo
Contractor – Elevators: Pan lift doo
Recycled bricks producer: Sertehics doo
Contractor – Facade: San Marko doo
Contractor – Waterproofing: Hidrobeton doo
Aluminium facade: Danito doo
Photo credit: Relja Ivanić, Ilya Ivanov

Improving the Community Through Office Building Architecture

Located at the lower Doćol neighbourhood, Mia Dorćol builds its identity on the industrial architectural heritage, aiming to fit into the contemporary context of a quiet residential neighbourhood and offer new amenities to the local community.

Even though it’s an office building, Mia has a residential air to it thanks to its loggias and greenery on the façade – something we came up with in collaboration with our client, when we were contemplating ways of finding an authentic character, which will distinguish this office building from the competition, creating a different, pleasant and inspiring environment for the employees.


Mia Dorćol with its innovative character is in line with global trends when it comes to modern working space, dedicated not only to providing comfort to its users, but also contributing to the community and the immediate surroundings.

Position of the building situated at the corner of two streets exposes the design of its details to the passersby – details that can be observed on some of the remaining industrial buildings in the vicinity. The characteristic identity of the recycled ash grey brick has gained an air of warmth and distinctiveness through accentuated three–dimensionality of the façade, achieved by bringing the pillars out and using different types of brick bonds.

The uniqueness of the building and the inspiring narratives emerging inside and around it are recognized by the professional circles as well as the general population. The following awards and award nominations testify to that:

Nomination for the EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies Van Der Rohe award 2022

Association of Architects of Serbia Annual Award for the most successful completed work of architecture in Serbia in 2020

BigSEE architecture award winner – Public and commercial architecture – regional award for the projects completed in one of 19 countries of Southeast Europe in 2020

Nomination for the „Building of the year 2022award – Archdaily website award


Architectural design in accordance with the principles of circular economy – reusing old bricks for the façade instead of using new ones. Carbon footprint of this project was reduced by a whole 12 tons of carbon-dioxide.

Beside ecological benefits the decision to use old bricks produced a series of advantageous effects:

Lower material costs

Fitting into the surroundings rich in industrial heritage

Creating a unique identity and finding a place in the community


Following Scandinavian standards in energy efficiency, we wanted to change and improve the concept of office buildings in our region. Instead of a cliché and inefficient glass cladding, we opted for a 60:40% brick wall to glass façade ratio. Furthermore, in order to save as much energy as possible – geothermal pumps are used both for heating and cooling of the building.

By using these principles, the investment plan is further improved through:

Lower long term maintenance costs

Stable rental costs for tenants


Mia Dorćol has attracted a successful business community and the ground floor bar and restaurant became popular and well-liked, spurring the creation of a new identity of the place and stirring life in the surrounding public space. Neglected part of the city became a new center of the old neighbourhood.

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