Transformation of old industrial buildingInGrid Schneider Electric HUB



Client: Novkabel AD, Novi Sad

Tenant: Schnaider Electric 

Location: Industrial complex Novkabel, Novi Sad

Program: Reconstruction of the industrial building into a category A office building

Gross floor area: 17.000m2

Floors: Ground + Gallery

Design: 2020-2022

Construction: 2021-2023

Status: Completed

Author: Zabriskie

Zabriskie services: Preconcept, Conceptual design, Schematic design, Design for execution of works and interior design. Design supervision.

Zabriskie architecture team: Milka Gnjato (Partner in charge, Creative director), Milena Katić (Project Director), Martina Milošević (Lead architect), Ana Ugrinić (PM), Jovana Petrović, Ivan Zuliani dia (concept), Stefan Nešić, Ana Mićić (details).

Zabriskie interior team: Ksenija Bajagić (Partner in charge), Mila Đorđević (PM), Mirjana Lazić, Staša Simenović


Zabriskie associates:

Structural engineering: Kontura projekt doo – Svetislav Vasić

Plumbing & Drainage: DMAMG Solutions – Anja Grozdanić 

Data center design, electrical, fire detection: Log Design doo – Katarina Isaković

Building management system: JIM Tim  doo – Ivan Novakovic 

HVAC: Holon doo – Darko Todorović dim, Uroš Pejanović 

Sprinkler installation: Dr Dalibor Stević

Elevators: SD Project-ing – Dragan Stojanović

Landscape: URBINO – Sanja Krstić

Building physics & energy efficiency – Dragan Jovičić

Fire safety: Eling doo – Dragan Živojinović 

Bill of quantities: Fidija doo – Mirjana Ćosić


Consultant & Tenant PM – Novaston doo – Dušan Radišić Jelena Jolović

Engineering & supervision: Axis biro  doo – Miloš Debeljković (PM)

Consultant – Data Center:  Enel PS doo

General contractor: Best izgradnja d.o.o.

Contractor – Facade: Armont d.o.o.

Contractor – Electrical installation: Struja d.o.o

Contractor – HVAC installation: Steelsoft d.o.o.

Photo credits: Miloš Martinović

A New Life for Old Industrial Halls 

The first domestic contemporary commercial structure created by reconstruction of the old industrial hall, transforming it into an oasis for IT experts, with Leed Platinum certification.


Although the production halls of the Novkabel complex have negligible architectural value, in consultation with the client we decided to treat the first hall of the complex as a monument, a reminder raising awareness of the times when Novkabel was leading the prosperous domestic industry. High standards in working conditions from the period when Novkabel was a symbol of the city of Novi Sad inspired us to focus on reviving the concept where working space intertwined with the compound’s green spaces.


The entire functional organization stems from the concept of incorporating greenery, translucence and light in the highest possible degree into the working space while, at the same time, maintaining highest energy efficiency standards and all the comfort of a modern working space for more than a 1000 employees.


Along the rim of the inner perimeter of the production hall, right next to the façade, we created a green ring with various types of vegetation. Galleries are placed alongside the green ring, creating a working zone and preserving and emphasizing the beauty and the appeal of the hall’s middle portion to maximum extent.


Middle space of the hall remained open along the entire height and void of any specific function, with the purpose of serving as an inner square in terms of space and functionality.

The entire space of the hall is additionally refined by the four inner atriums, intended and designed as open green gardens where employees can rest or work.

This kind of working space won’t leave anyone indifferent, because of the interweaving of natural, open park spaces and working space, but also because of authentic ambient values, that is to say – a certain monumentality, emanating from the structure itself and its former purpose.” – Milena Katić, project director


“The greenest building is the one that is already built” Carl Elefante

By preserving the existing hall structure and by performing a demanding restoration on it, we made a big step towards a sustainable future.

By keeping the original structure we’ve managed to retain the authentic appearance of the building while re-interpreting the glass panels, typical for that kind of industrial halls, in a modern way.

Reconstruction Benefits:

  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Preserving the identity of the site
  • Empowering the community through conserving the existing values


CO2 emission and energy consumption during the lifespan of a building can be reduced by up to 75%, through early strategic and designer decisions. We have focused our attention on construction material selection, the use of recycled concrete, wastewater treatment systems and the use of renewable energy sources.

Future IT Center Benefits:

  • Improved living and working conditions through lowering the long-term costs
  • Sustainable business model of storing and possibly selling energy thus reducing costs as well as the risk of power outages or power shortages
  • Creating the community gathered around important collective values